Retired tram driver to be a volunteer passenger on new tram!

Inchview Care Home resident, David Crombie (93) is looking forward to being a volunteer passenger on one of the new Edinburgh Trams on Thursday 13 March along with his Moose in the Hoose volunteer, Joe Docherty, who set the wheels in motion for it to happen.

David and Moose volunteer look over printed material on the trams found via the web!

David was a tram driver on the original Edinburgh trams until he switched to buses, eventually going on to become a bus inspector. During recent Moose in the Hoose sessions at the care home, David has enjoyed using the Internet to track the new tram developments and to reminisce about the good old days on the city centre to Liberton route.

Moose in the Hoose is an ACE IT outreach project which uses volunteers to introduce care home residents to new computer technology including the wonders of the Internet, including David’s weekly Skype call with his daughter, Liz, in Australia. The whole Crombie family are excited about David’s opportunity to be a volunteer passenger. David is wondering if any other retired tram drivers will also be there!

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