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The album entitled the Lost Songs of St Kilda was released over the weekend in a great PR flurry by Decca records. The original recordings of Trevor Morrison,  a care home resident in one of our original Moose in the Hoose homes, was recorded 8 years ago.

In September 2006 Trevor Morrison wrote:

“During the second world war and its aftermath, I was brought up in the schoolhouse at Kingarth on the Isle of Bute .There was an itinerant music teacher who gave me piano lessons. He was one of the last of those forced to leave the isles of St Kilda in the 1920’s

He used to end each lesson with me by teaching me one of the St Kildan songs. The 4 recorded have haunted me all my life and now, 60 or so years on, I have finally got them down.

It is with thanks to the computer volunteers at Silverlea in Edinburgh that these few tunes from the long forgotten isles can be preserved and given a future”

It was also shown at the Scottish Older People’s Assembly on 2 November 2012 as an example of innovative practice, giving a voice to volunteers and older people living in care homes in Edinburgh. The film demonstrates active ageing and the promotion of social connectivity by showing residents access Skype, the Internet and various other computer activities assisted by specially trained Moose volunteers.

Moose In The Hoose Film

Unfortunately Trevor died in 2012 but he gave ACE IT copyright to use and sell these wonderful tunes in order for the Moose in the Hoose project to continue.  Decca records have bought the copyright and have subsequently produced a stunning new album on 9 September 2016.

Decca say –

“For the first time ever, we can hear the music of St Kilda – magical, melancholic folk tunes feared lost since the Scottish island dubbed ‘the Edge of the World’ was evacuated in 1930.  ‘The Lost Songs of St. Kilda’ have been brought back to life on a unique new album thanks to a 73-year-old retired teacher in an Edinburgh care home, and today’s leading Scottish composers including Sir James Macmillan, Craig Armstrong, Francis Macdonald and Christopher Duncan.”


What a story – well done everyone connected with the Moose in the Hoose project !

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