Moose in the Hoose Project just gets bigger!

Councillors Paul Edie and Norman Work joined the celebrations at the latest care home to participate in the Moose In The Hoose Project at Craigour Care Home on 7th April 2008.

Councillor Paul Edie, Convener for Health and Social Care said: “I am delighted this very worthwhile project is being expanded into more of our services for older people. Moose in the Hoose is an excellent example of partnership working between ourselves and the voluntary sector. The project makes a real difference to the lives of those who participate.”

Councillor Norman Work, Vice Convener for Health and Social Care said: “The internet is such a valuable resource in today’s society – and even more so if you have mobility issues. I am sure the residents of Marionville Court and Craigour Care Home, as well as the clients of Portlee Resource Centre will enjoy the project and I look forward to hearing about the successes in the near future.”

The project helps to alleviate social exclusion and digital exclusion by using live web camera links to relatives abroad, to emailing long lost friends and family – all on a weekly basis

Case studies – Positive results for residents: Many were surprised, and pleased, to find that they could acquire these “21st century” skills. “I thought I was past it – but now I’m completely hooked. I’m on the computer every day”.

There were also practical benefits. Internet shopping enables people to buy books, DVDs and all sorts of personal items without having to trail round the shops. After browsing the internet one man with mobility problems was able to buy a special orthopaedic chair “the first comfortable seat I’ve had in years”.

A lady lost contact with her friend who had emigrated to Australia in 1947 when she was sixteen. Using the internet and email she has now found her long lost friend “I never enjoyed myself so much since they put the computer in here, Tuesday used to be just another day, It’s thrown me into a whole new world”

The Care Commission is a strong supporter of the project – “The Care Commission plans to focus upon meaningful activity in care services in 2009/10 and would be delighted to see the continued development of the Moose in the Hoose project” Marcia Ramsay, Development Manager Adult Services Regulation, Care Commission. Nov 2007

Editorial notes
“Live Well In Later Life” is about older people creating their own clear picture of the future from their views and expectations of what care and support will be needed. It is the joint engagement plan of the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian on care and support.

A City for all Ages – Edinburgh Council’s Joint Plan for Older People 2005 to 2010 – “Ensure the welfare and continuing social inclusion of those living in care homes”

“All our Futures – Planning for a Scotland with an Ageing Population”. The Scottish Executive, Edinburgh, 2007 “

The Care Commission seeks to encourage continuous improvement in the quality of care services and innovations such as “The Moose in the Hoose” can only enhance the lives of those who use it. The Care Commission plans to focus upon meaningful activity in care services in 2009/10 and would be delighted to see the continued development of this project and others like it.” Marcia Ramsay Adult Services Regulation Care Commission Nov 2007

“Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being in later life” A first report from the UK Inquiry into mental health and well being in later life”. Age Concern and the Mental Health Foundation, London 2006

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