John Smith Moose in the Hoose Volunteer – a Tribute

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you we have lost one of our original Moose volunteers. John Smith passed away on 12 January 2017 after a short illness.

John and his wife Betty were Moose volunteers at the Jewel care home for over 10 years, enabling the residents to benefit from access to computers. Their weekly sessions were always full of fun and laughter whether it was singing along to Andy Stewart, talking about old Edinburgh or coming up with alternatives to famous proverbs.

His caring and enthusiastic rapport with residents meant sessions were always well attended and there was often a party atmosphere, sometimes complete with dancing!

We are aware John’s contribution to the Moose project was only part of his very active life, but he always supported the work of ACE IT and made new volunteers welcome. The life and soul of any get together, we can’t forget John’s special Christmas tree hat complete with flashing lights, worn to a recent festive party.

We will miss him very much.

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