Introducing iPads

Over the last nine months the Moose in the Hoose has been able to introduce iPads into Moose sessions in care homes. These have gone down extremely well as residents have found them easier to use by themselves and as a result many hidden talents have been discovered!

Using various apps one resident has displayed the ability to play any number of tunes by ear on the piano, whilst others have shown a penchant for drawing and painting. Other residents have demonstrated amazing word power through scrabble and interactive word association games; others have just enjoyed taking photos of each other and immediately seeing the results. Above all everyone has enjoyed meeting the Talking Tom Cat who talks back to you or purrs when stroked.

Best of all, the portability of the iPads means Skype calls can be carried out anywhere there is a good connection so less mobile residents can talk to relatives, as well as enjoy hearing their favourite opera or watching their favourite tap dancing clip from their own room.

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