ACE IT Annual General Meeting 2009

The ACE IT annual general meeting took place on Thursday 10th September at St Colm’s Church on Dalry Road. Staff, volunteers, learners and ex learners joined with the ACE IT board and guests from local community organisations and residential care homes participating in the Moose in the Hoose project – to celebrate another fantastic year for ACE IT.

Jenny Ridge, Chief Executive of the charity opened the meeting with an outline of the multi award winning services provided by ACE IT and how they are having a real and dynamic effect at a grassroots level not only within the local community but also across Scotland and the UK.

It was shown how ACE IT had continued to not only meet but far exceed the charity’s core aims and objectives, which include…

  •  Promoting social inclusion through greater independence and confidence
  • Relieving depression by keeping people connected
  •  Preventing folk from being socially isolated by regular and meaningful contact
  •  Promoting health and well being by keeping minds active and stimulated
  •  Giving a voice to older people by participation either in events, forums or contact with government at both a local and national level.

Jenny presented a look back at some of the highlights of the previous year which included the winning of the Best Development Project category of Nominet’s Best Practice Challenge Awards. ACE IT Chairman John Elliot covered the essential material including statements covering the charity’s annual accounts and financial status.

Against a backdrop of photographic slideshows and presentations it was then over to the staff and volunteers for an in-depth look at some of the projects, services and web initiatives which have made ACE IT such a success. These included a presentation covering the creative and artistic elements which have become increasingly intrinsic to the work of ACE IT and in particular the Moose in the Hoose project. The Moose project was covered in some detail with a particular focus on the enjoyment and enthusiasm shared by clients and tutors alike. Tutors from the ACE IT Computer Training Courses outlined the work undertaken to provide the 50+ age group in Edinburgh (and beyond) with a firm grounding in basic computer skills and how to get the very best from the Internet and web based technology.

The Edinburgh Silver Surfers presented details on the creation and ongoing updating of their website at This included a look at how material is produced for the site during their regular Tuesday web club and out and about in the community during their ‘Surfers’ Days Oot’ The final presentation began with an outline of ACE IT’s own presence on the Internet and the various websites currently hosted by the charity including the main ACE IT website, The Moose in the Hoose project and the Edinburgh Silver Surfers.

However, in conclusion the presentation then went on to cover in greater detail the circumstances behind the winning of the Nominet Best Practice Challenge awards, the trip to London for the ceremony and the impact the award has had over the last year, not only for ACE IT but also for the project’s staff, volunteers and clients – all and everyone who contributed to winning the award and who’s hard work and commitment continues to ensure the ongoing success of ACE IT!

After closing comments made by the Chairman it was time for the usual excellent buffet lunch and a chance to mingle and talk over what has been another fantastic and exciting year for all concerned.

“Long may we continue to make a difference to the
lives of older people in Edinburgh and beyond!”

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