About Moose in the Hoose

• Started in 2005 by ACE IT to reduce the social isolation felt by many older people living in care homes in Edinburgh.
• Main purpose to introduce care home residents to the benefits of computers and information technology to keep in touch with friends, family, their interests and hobbies.
• Specially trained Moose volunteers make weekly visits to five care homes and provide stimulation by helping residents to use emails, the Internet and Skype.
• Approach is not to run computer classes as such, but to explore what access to the new technology can offer on an individual basis.
• Some residents manage to type their own emails whilst others can take part in Skype calls to family set up by Moose volunteers.
• Moose volunteers also run group sessions involving quizzes and sing songs, others help residents make cards and calendars on the computer.
• iPads have recently been introduced into each care home and these are being well received by residents with easy to use apps.

From the start the Moose project has had a very positive response and we have won a number of prestigious awards including the Nominet Award 2010 for Nurturing Powerful Local Partnerships, but some of the best recommendations come from our users:-

After his Skype call to his daughter in Australia one resident said “Moose in the Hoose is a wonderful. The best thing ever invented”.

“Dad was completely baffled by computers and how the web worked but he had a great time thinking up things for everyone to search for. Thank you all for giving Dad something to look forward to every week.” Relative

“Can I please extend my thanks to all of you. I was very happy to see that a new resident was able to engage with her family. How wonderful is that!” Care Home Manager

In 2011 The Moose in the Hoose project underwent a Social Return on Investment review. This concluded that for every £1 spent on the Moose project there is a £8.13 social return.